Whim Wisatuporn Jingjit’s acoustic session starts our weekly music schedule every Wednesday. Originally from the coastal town of Trang, Whim learned to play the guitar from his father, who was a teacher and a musician. His first band from high school was influenced by hard rock, grunge, and ’90s Indie music. Once he’d moved to Bangkok he started hanging out at AdHere 13th Blues Bar, where he learned to play blues from Pi Pong, the legendary bar’s owner and one of Thailand’s best guitar players. He formed a blues band called The Vintagers, which has been present on the Bkk’s live music scene for over a decade. Whim has a wide repertoire and can take you through various musical genres with his smooth voice and versatile guitar skill. Very often he’s joined by fellow musicians, therefore we’ve learned to always expect the unexpected on his nights. Joins us on Wednesday nights and let’s see what happens!